Kohler: Can You Afford a Branded Generator? How Much Does it Cost?

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Is Kohler the first and only choice for your generator?  If yes, then you have come to the right place! Founded in 1920, Kohler Power is the oldest and most reliable company in the generator industry. They have perfected the manufacturing and production of various kinds and sizes of generators.  The brand outshines its generators with … Read more

What Size Generator Do I Need For My House: The Ultimate Guide For Beginners

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Did you know that weather is the leading cause of power outages across the globe?  Seeing the rapid increase in climate change, you will likely need to find a stable source of comfort during the oncoming difficult times, i.e., generators.  However, finding a generator that fulfills all your needs without any setbacks can be a … Read more

What Is Carb Compliant Generator and Why You Need To Get It Right Now!

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Did you know that the generators’ market share will reach up to 5 billion USD by the next year? However, America’s favorite backup power source may be concealing some dangerous secrets in itself.  Generators operate fuel-based engines. These engines are dependent on an internal combustion system that burns fuel and emit toxic byproducts. Hence during … Read more

Is Whole House Generator Worth It? Do Not Buy One Without Reading This

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Screaming children, no wifi, ice-cold water, and pitch-black darkness, this is what an electrical outage feels like, or maybe even worse… An electrical outage can result from various natural calamities, such as floods, snowstorms, and tornados. Getting power back without professional tools is a long shot, and waiting for everything to be fixed is a … Read more

13 Reasons Why Your Generator Shuts Off After 20 Minutes And How To Fix It?

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How often does your generator gives up and leave you stranded in utter darkness? During an electrical outage, the generator is the most useful device. It becomes the backbone of any household and maintains peace even in extreme emergencies. However, one of the most frequent complaints from users is its constant shut-off. There are several … Read more

What Is A Dual Fuel Generator? Is It Worth Buying?

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There’s nothing wrong with more, but does it apply to the fuel you use for your generator? While many consumers are aware of dual-fuel generators, very few, truly understand the concept of mixing two different liquids to produce power. There are so many things you need to know about dual fuel generators before including the … Read more