About Us

Hi folks! I am Ethan, along with my little brother Oliver and we are the Walker brothers. 

Since our childhood, we have been living in California, and as far as I can remember, we spent most of our childhood in our father’s garage fixing all types of generators.  

As a single parent, our father gave his best in giving us a better life, and here, we are with a skillset that helped us upgrade our old garage into a full-fledged high-tech workshop.

In the last 20 years, we have worked on 1000s of generators and machines, including complicated high-functioning power equipment.

We came across every possible complication related to generators at the garage, and no matter how difficult it was, we solved it. 

Now, we want to help all of you by sharing our knowledge and experience.

Hence, we invite you to survey our website and enter the world of power through the eye of an expert.

Why Should You Trust Us?

A wise man once said, “There is no better teacher than experience itself.”

That sentence alone sums up why we can help you find what is best suited for your needs from across the globe. Our daily hands-on encounters of years enabled us to gain skills beyond the pages of a book.

We have dealt with the machines long enough to guide you on what you might need, according to your desires, budget, and locations. We do not rely on other experts to help us differentiate between the benefits and drawbacks of any generator.

We know the machines like the back of our hands. Thus, we can review any device with a few moments of speculation and provide you with buying guides to walk you through the dark.

You must not confuse our confidence with arrogance, as we always remember to acknowledge public opinion for any model or item of a generator. Know what your customers want. Words that a seller lives by and words that we have engraved in our minds.

Experience. Knowledge. Skills. We assure you, with our skills, you can select the best for your house and business while gaining priceless information that will benefit you for years to come.