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Why Choose Be Generators?

Choosing Be Generators is not an option, it’s a MUST. After all, we have been in the industry for two generations and have helped numerous amount of people.

Let it be our Generators, Reviews and Guides, each piece of content is curated with experience, market research, case studies and thorough testing of each item that is being discussed.

Tested 500+ Generators

Explore How Be Generators Work

Be Generators is unique in that it relies on testing done in various indoor and outdoor situations such as weddings, picnics, residential units, and camping sites

We thoroughly assess each product’s performance and durability, especially in extreme conditions like natural disasters.

We highlight what makes each generator stand out and make a fair comparison with its fiercest competitors to help you make the best choice.

Passion Behind Be Generators

Meet The Team

Hi, I am Ethan with my brother Oliver, and we are here to rescue you from the complexities of generators.My brother and I have been working in the industry for over two decades. We have encountered every possible complication, and regardless of its difficulty, we always fixed them! Now, we will help you in doing the same.

Oliver Walker

Ethan Walker

A wise man once said,
“There is no better teacher than experience itself.”

That sentence alone sums up why we can help you find what is best suited for your needs from across the globe. Our daily hands-on encounters of years enabled us to gain skills beyond the pages of a book.

We have dealt with the machines long enough to guide you on what you might need, according to your desires, budget, and locations

We do not rely on other experts to help us differentiate between the benefits and drawbacks of any generator. We know the machines like the back of our hands…

Thus, we can review any device with a few moments of speculation and provide you with buying guides to walk you through the dark. You must not confuse our confidence with arrogance, as we always remember to acknowledge public opinion for any model or item of a generator.


After conducting thorough tests in various settings and environmental conditions, we assess the results and write articles, reviews, and buying guides accordingly. We run extensive trials for all generators and research the product in the market exhaustively before publishing any blog.
Yes, absolutely! While our professional analysis allows us to highlight the complications in any generator, users’ first-hand experiences in day-to-day life provide us with a fresh perspective that is essential to any fair review.
No, we do not. Be Generators is dedicated to assessing different generators in the market, providing open-minded perspectives and honest evaluations. We do not sell any product as our own. However, you will find attached links to online stores with hundreds of generators on sale through our website.

You can find various sources here to connect with the team at Be Generators. Our customer service agents will reach back to you within 24 hours.

We have been working with generators for over two decades, and our knowledge stems from experiences where we dealt with mishaps and disasters of all types. No one can provide you with better assistance than technicians working with generators for all their lives.
Our team at Be Generators includes well-versed and competent individuals with tons of experience in their assigned fields. We provide only the best to our audience, and hence, we require only the best for the jobs. If you believe you are a skilled writer, researcher, or technician that will be a hefty addition to our team, contact us by sending an email at contact@begenerators.net